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05/10/15 - Compete for the Beats Challenge!

A new campaign that we are rolling out to end the Season right! This little 3 day challenge is sure to make you all the extra money you need and one lucky sellers wins a Beats by Dre! Sign up now why supplies last! Find out more!


05/01/15 - Spring is in the Air!

And Summer is just around the corner! We just wanted to wish you a very happy Summer….BBQ’s… vacations and of course summer sports!! If you need a few extra bucks for those traveling expenses or equipment just give us a shout!


04/28/15 - New for 2015 - $200 worth of FREE Cards just for trying us out!

Greatapeels will be giving away $200 worth of free cards to any group that wants to give us a try before they commit to a larger fundraising event! No Future commitments... (Read More)


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Community Discount Card Program


If you're tired of searching for easy/high profit fundraising ideas, your search has just ended! Schools, sports teams, churches and other non-profits: kick your fundraising activities into 21st century with one of our beautiful, full-color community cards!

Why Peel Off Cards Are A Better Fundraiser!

  • It's New, extremely simple, practical, and economical
  • We offer your supporters hundreds of dollars in savings
  • More businesses participate
  • Hybrid program that combines both the "Plastic Card" continuous offers and the "Ticket" 1 time use coupons
  • Provides a greater value than the Plastic Card
  • Fast and easy way to raise funds
  • This card program offers the maximum amount of funds raised in the least amount of time (Time is valuable and these days it can be hard for parents or teachers to find extra time to put into fundraising)
  • Can easily combine with other fundraisers
  • No need for any large amount of space for storage of product
  • Can take as little as 1 week to sign up the businesses to sponsor your card
  • Helps to support local businesses
How much can my group make?
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Our Greater Des Moines Community Card


We have successfully assisted hundreds of fundraising campaigns since 2003 and we have found that our Community Cards outperform the rest making your next fundraiser quick, painless, and profitable.


New for Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 The Greater Des Moines Community card is our longest running card full of savings that will benefit anyone. These cards are popular among people of all ages.


Card Features


  • No Money Upfront!
  • Cards feature between 12-40 local merchants & sponsors.
  • Guaranteed Profit!
  • Can save the consumer up to $500!
  • Every card features 64 incredible offers!
  • Includes many of your local favorites!
  • Cards sell for only $20.00!
  • NEW Continuous USE Panel!! (Worth $20.00 itself and you get it FREE!)
  • No product to deliver!
  • Order forms are available upon request!
  • May return up to 50% of any unsold cards


**minimums may apply, ask your consultant for details.

Take a Closer Look at our Famous Des Moines Community Card!


Our cards are always changing to give you the best deals possible. If you would like to see the look of our latest cards along with the hundreds of dollars in savings that are being offered please take a few minutes to complete one of our online forms to request more information.


Front Side of the Unfolded Card

Back Side of the Unfolded Card

We are Constantly Expanding!


We might not have a Community Card available right now for your area, but our vendor relations department has been able to solve that problem time after time and often quicker than you can imagine. What's even better than that? You have the opportunity to give us your input. We will start the process by having you complete a form that we call our "Wish List"! This form will allow you to tell us what vendors in your area you would like to see on your Community Cards. Our vendor relations department will use that form to start building your card. It's that easy!


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Greatapeels is a fundraising company that specializes in discount card fundraising programs for schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. We are located in Des Moines, Iowa. Our fundraising consultants look forward to helping you.

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