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05/10/15 - Compete for the Beats Challenge!

A new campaign that we are rolling out to end the Season right! This little 3 day challenge is sure to make you all the extra money you need and one lucky sellers wins a Beats by Dre! Sign up now why supplies last! Find out more!


05/01/15 - Spring is in the Air!

And Summer is just around the corner! We just wanted to wish you a very happy Summer….BBQ’s… vacations and of course summer sports!! If you need a few extra bucks for those traveling expenses or equipment just give us a shout!


04/28/15 - New for 2015 - $200 worth of FREE Cards just for trying us out!

Greatapeels will be giving away $200 worth of free cards to any group that wants to give us a try before they commit to a larger fundraising event! No Future commitments... (Read More)


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Compete for the Beats Challenge


  This is one of our easiest challenges yet! All you have to do is sell 200 Community Cards in three days. It's fast, simple, and doesn't matter how big or small you group is.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it!


We will deliver 200 of our high quality Community Cards to your group and the best part is no money's required to get started!. Your goal is to sell all 200 cards in three days. It's that simple!


  It doesn't matter how big or small you group is! Only have 20 people? Each member will sell an average of 10 cards a piece! If your group is a little larger, say 40 people, each member will need to sell an average of 5 cards a piece. Do it in 3 days or less and you are done. That's $2,500 dollars in your groups pocket for whatever expense you have AND one lucky person will win a Beats by Dre product! How easy and cool is that!


  This challenge won't last long, so click the button below to find out how you can get started today!



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Greatapeels is a fundraising company that specializes in discount card fundraising programs for schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. We are located in Des Moines, Iowa. Our fundraising consultants look forward to helping you.

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